The Pride PROMTD tee

Commissioner Visits. Stadium Sites. TIFs. CBAs. Bullishness. Chuck Wharton. Yes, it's been a tough wait for FC Cincinnati. You may never get that vacation day back that you put in for on January 10th, but now you are getting an MLS franchise to call your own!

From Chalk-Face Guy to the Great Detroit Twitter War of 2018, it's been a long and strange journey. We stunned a nation with our passion and support. Wear it with Pride and show the world that, even here on the wrong side of the pond, we believe in at least 50% of #ProRel4US. As long as it's us and not someone else. #PROMTD

Unisex crewneck

  • Printed on 4.5oz 50/50 fine jersey ringer tee

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