QCStees.com is now 513shirts.com

Posted by Queen City Sportswear, LLC on 09 May, 2016 0 comments

Queen City Sportswear, LLC was born in February 2013.  Initially, we established our business as a solution to the complicated process of ordering custom shirts, but it wasn't long before the business evolved.  Simply put, we had too many ideas for shirts that we wanted to wear and decided to offer them for sale in our own online store.

In the spring of 2013, QCStees.com was established as our ecommerce site.  While we've had great success with this concept, we've realized that the original URL is somewhat complicated.  In our minds, "QCS" has always been short for "Queen City Sportswear", but based upon search engine data, we've come to find that most had no idea what it meant.  We needed something easier to remember...

We've owned 513shirts.com for many months, deciding what to do with it.  It was originally purchased because of our original (now retired) "513" design, so in honor of the shirt that put us on the map, we are now 513shirts.com!

Same local business, same great customer service, just a new web address. 

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