#FionaClubCincinnati update (with our first Cincinnati Zoo donation)!

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It's been a week since we launched our #FionaClubCincinnati design and we're excited to announce that tees and stickers are now shipping!


We'd also like to clear the air a bit and provide some transparency...


Recently, the Cincinnati Zoo made a statement regarding potential fraudulent #TeamFiona shirts.  Their concern is that people are ripping off their design(s) with no intent to donate any proceeds to the cause.  


As far as we know, there have been no such suspicions regarding our design and intent (especially since we ARE NOT attempting to resell their designs), but we wanted to go ahead and make a donation to make sure that everyone is aware that we're legit and in no way involved in any potentially shady activity.


With that being said, as of 9:30am on Wednesday, April 12, we've made our initial donation to the Cincinnati Zoo in the amount of $291!  These are the proceeds from 134 shirts ($2/shirt) and 10 stickers ($0.50/sticker):



While we certainly plan to continue to be able to donate more in the coming weeks, we hope that this will reassure anyone potentially on the fence about our intentions.  If you wish to donate directly to the zoo, you can do so via this link.


Queen City Sportswear, LLC / 513shirts.com is a small, local business and we care about our community.  Additional charitable initiatives will be announced in the future. 


Fiona Club Cincinnati is availabile in adult unisex, ladies scoop neck, and youth t-shirt options.



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